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Ms Eu


Known for her energetic and engaging lessons and her rather zany sense of humour, Miss Eu is the type of teacher that seems constantly–and happily–caffeinated. Because she was both a student and teacher at the Gifted Education Programme, she is motivated to inject creativity and innovation into her lessons often using multi-media clips and group activities to stimulate learning.

Known for her high-energy classes, Miss Eu is the head of the Integrated Programme and is especially familiar with the differentiated demands of each IP school. She goes to great lengths to translate information to the students in an engaging manner, without compromising the rigour that is needed to do well scholastically.

Perhaps one of Miss Eu’s most defining traits is her genuine love and compassion for each of her students. Hailing from a long line of educators and principals, Miss Eu believes that education is more of a calling than a mere profession.

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