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A passionate teacher, Ms Nadira has cultivated many young minds over the course of five years. Youthful and energetic, she is well-liked by her students for being relatable and effective in her teaching. Her pop-culture and ‘meme’ references never fails to amuse her students, capturing their attention, and in turn, developing their interest in the English Language. 


As a Sociology graduate, Ms Nadira believes not only in imparting her students with strategies to ace their examinations, but also in developing their critical thinking skills when dissecting the world around them. After all, developing a natural curiosity about the world around them is one way to ensure lifelong learning.


In the classroom, Ms Nadira breaks down broad English concepts into smaller bite-sized pieces, often with specific formulas to tackle composition writing as well as comprehension questions. Her students find her methods simple to understand and execute. A dedicated teacher, Ms Nadira never hesitates to offer her students extra support and help in the form of consultations and extra exercises.

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