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Mr Roy


Mr. Roy Ng has an uncanny ability to put people at ease instantly. Known affectionately as “Mr. Roy,” he has had more than 15 years of experience teaching the Ordinary Level English curriculum.

Fond of saying, “It’s a numbers game,” Mr. Roy's teaching approach is analytical in nature. He is adept at showing students how and where to devote their English writing abilities to achieve the best possible outcomes. His remarkable ability to spot essay trends, categorise and analyse comprehension questions, and teach student exam “hacks” are perhaps why his classes are always packed to the brim.

More importantly, Mr. Roy is able to teach students with different academic abilities, bringing out the best in each of them. Always ready with an engaging smile or funny anecdote, Mr. Roy brings more than just lessons to his students. Compassionate and dedicated, he is always willing to stay back late to help a child who needs a consultation or advice.

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