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Ms See


As one of the Directors of the Academic Workshop, Miss See is known for her acerbic wit and the dedication she devotes to her students. Miss See is extremely well-versed in all aspects of The General Paper. She has over 15 years experience teaching in prestigious junior colleges and the Gifted Education Programme in Anglo Chinese School (Independent).

Her keen ability to quickly analyse both comprehension questions and essays allows Miss See to rapidly create easily digestible diagrams and analogies for sophisticated ideas and concepts. Widely read and knowledgeable about latest local and global developments, Miss See’s strength is her ability to understand and contextualise issues. This skill is especially pertinent to the General Paper but it also provides a frame of reference when preparing students for their futures.

Committed to improving her lessons and pedagogy at all times, Miss See is an educator who is always willing to provide extra consultation to ensure that each student she teaches receives individual attention.

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