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Ms. Dalia believes in helping every student discover their passion; build self-confidence and enabling them to reach their full potential.  She has worked closely with the school’s directors and conducted multiple workshops in her years at AWS. She has a keen interest in the English Language and Literature and is adept at bringing out the best in her students through her close attention to detail and delivery.

With a passion for public speaking, she is a certified Public Speaking Coach and was formally trained under SMU’s Art excellence programme (Advance hosting course) by FLY Entertainment.  Furthermore, she has experience co-coaching students for their IP/IB interviews and understands the rigour necessary to perform well in the rigorous Singaporean landscape.


In her years of hosting events and teaching in the private sector, her unique experiences ensure lessons are conducted in a positive and engaging learning environment, cultivating their love for learning. Her time studying abroad in France (Neoma business school) has allowed her to broaden her understanding of an array of different cultural and community perspectives while increasing her awareness of multifaceted teaching methods.

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