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Ms Joey


Teacher Joey has been in the education industry for 6 years.

As an empathetic individual, she is able to understand the needs of her students and create a nurturing and conducive learning environment in the classroom. Known for her great sense of humour and her strong work ethic, Teacher Joey is popular amongst all her students.


Teacher Joey strongly believes in the values of discipline, responsibility, and honesty. She firmly, but kindly, guides students towards taking ownership of their own work and actions.


Having graduated with Highest Distinction Honours from Nanyang Technological University, Teacher Joey’s degree in English Literature has allowed her to share her love and appreciation of the English language in the classroom. Renowned for her attention to detail, Teacher Joey is also part of the Curriculum Development Team for both the secondary and primary departments in The Academic Workshop and has designed engaging and effective lessons for both the primary and secondary levels.


Ultimately, she strives to equip students with both linguistic and life skills through their education, to provide youths with a way to express themselves and navigate both their educational journey and mental health.

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