Our Primary School Programme

1) English Classes


What is covered

Paper 1 (Writing), Paper 2 (MCQ and open-ended sections) and Paper 4 (Oral Communication)



- Paper 1

Full-length compositions, based on examinable themes, are done once a month.

Situational Writing (for P5/6) is done once a term

- Paper 2

Challenging components like Comprehension Open-Ended and Comprehension Cloze are done once every fortnight

Paper 2 lessons are thematic, leveraging on what is current as well as age-appropriate to add interest to the lessons.

- Paper 4

Oral Communication skills are covered once a term, with individual practice and assessment included.

2) Writing Classes

This course focuses extensively on Paper 1 and the skills needed to excel in writing assessments.


Structure of classes

Week 1: Full-length composition writing, fully hands-on

Week 2: Model composition + Writing Skills

Composition lessons cover examinable themes as well as specific narrative writing techniques


Full-length compositions are done once a fortnight.

Paper 1 tests are done once a term.

Situational Writing is done once a month.