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Term 3

We will remain online for Term 3

(Sec and JC)

4 May to 5 July 2020

AWS Online

Every lesson is brought to life with live sessions and group consultations on Zoom which are bundled with pre-recorded videos and written assignments.


AWS Students can enjoy a 10% discount on their "I Love Reading" subscriptions.


Complimentary workshops


Our Upper Primary school programme is now open for registration

Our Primary English programme is meticulously designed to meet the

demands of both school and national assessments.

We offer a comprehensive curriculum that targets the skills needed

in the written papers as well as oral communication.

Structured revision incorporating mock tests is done termly to ensure optimal results.

Our Philosophy

Our team of teachers all have many years of teaching experience under their belts, and have seen many cohorts of students through to important national examinations. We are rigorous in our approach to the curriculum and expect the best of our students. At the same time, we believe there isn't a 'one size fits all' approach to teaching, and so, our teachers are always open to consultation. We are proud to say that over the years, our students have come to regard us not simply as classroom teachers, but also as mentors and friends.

We're committed to ensuring that every student advances. Periodic assessments and focused teachings aid each student in becoming all he or she can be.

Technology is at the core of our changing world. Our teachers incorporate the latest advancements into their lessons ensuring that students are proficient in all the latest developments and ready for any challenge. We believe that education is at the center of progress.

At AWS, we strive to be the very best. Our rigorous curriculum is taught with real-world applications in mind. In addition to our core classes, we also invite experienced professionals to give talks about their occupations in order to give students an idea of what life can ultimately become. The Academic Workshop aims to show students how knowledge comes alive when it is applied outside the classroom.

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Mr Roy
Mr Auyong
Ms Nadia
Ms Eu
Ms Lala
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Promising Personalized Guidance Every Step of the Way


Our 'O' Level Programme is carefully curated to provide each level from Sec 1 to Sec 4 a progressive skill set to cope with the demands of the 'O' Level English paper. We provide a comprehensive suite of content, oral and writing skills, including essay outlines for optimal revision purposes. Mock tests are held in April and August for students as a means of revision.




Our Integrated Programme for Secondary Level English is able to cater to different demands from different schools in this varied programme. We provide both content material with a strong focus on current affairs to ensure essays are always relevant and up-to-date. Essay outlines and comprehension skills are taught on a regular basis, with mock tests held twice a year to help students achieve optimal results.

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Our 'A' Level General Paper programme covers a comprehensive range of topics and skills set required for the exam. Every week, there will be current affairs and essay/ comprehension skills covered, with full essay outlines provided for optimal revision. Intensive workshops are also held for students who may need that extra help. There are also time slots allocated for personal consultation for all students prior to exams. Our programme has gone through many batches of students with stellar results.



Our IB programme targets specifically the area of Literature or Language, both Standard and Higher Level. We cover both the writing and oral components of the paper, and provide essay writing practice to help students synthesise content and essay writing techniques to achieve the best results.

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For more information on our classes or to book a TRIAL CLASS, please contact us via phone, email or complete the form.


10 Winstedt Rd, #01-01, Singapore 227977

Main Line: 6733 5447

Whatsapp: 9725 2494

Nearest MRT: Newton (Take Exit B)
Walk towards Newton Food Centre, turn right onto Monk's Hill Terrace and left onto Winstedt Road.
It is an 8 minutes walk from the station.


(until further notice)



but you can reach us via our hotline 

6337 5447

Whatsapp 9725 2494


Main line: 6733 5447  Whatsapp: 97252494

10 Winstedt Rd, #01-01, Singapore 227977

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